97 / How To Do Hard Things

Hi! Happy easter to everyone who celebetrates 🐣

Toot of the Week

OH: the containers can't see you if you don't move — @renice@hachyderm.io


  • An On-Ramp to Flow (census.dev)

    Bradley Buda shares a neat trick to make the on-ramp into flow state easier.

  • How To Do Hard Things (every.to)

    Casey Rosengren about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a technique for behavioural change.

  • Give People Something To Look At (staysaasy.com)

    This article shows a hack for less awkward meetings: Give people something to look at.

  • Re-thinking Presentations. (rishad.substack.com)

    Rishad Tobaccowala is tired of “the old way” of having unnecessarily long slide decks and presents an alternative: 9 slides, each with a purpose.



Cutting Room Floor


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