DIY Music Streaming with NixOS, Jellyfin and Manet

In this post, I describe how I’m hosting my own music streaming service with NixOS, Jellyfin and Manet on Hetzner for €6 / month.

If you know your way around servers, this is neither a novel nor a complicated setup—quite the opposite; the beauty of this configuration lies in its simplicity.

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I Lived 7 Days without a Smartphone

I’m addicted to my phone. You are probably too.

And I’m trying to fix this: I don’t have TikTok or Instagram, I only use YouTube in Safari with Shorts blocked, and I use one-sec for apps that I don’t want to waste my time on. But still, time-sinks keep creeping in after a week or two.

So, I did what I wanted to do for years: I put my iPhone at my desk and left it there for 7 days. Here’s how it went.

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My Favorite Articles of 2023

This year I’ve read over 500 articles for my newsletter, Arne’s Weekly. For this post, I’ve distilled them down to the ones I liked the most and/or that had the biggest impact on my life.

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Emacs From Scratch Part Two: Projects and Keybindings

This is the second post in my Emacs From Scratch series.

In Part 1, we’ve set up the UI and evil mode. Today we’ll set up a way to manage projects, quickly find files, set up custom keybindings, interact with Git and open a terminal inside Emacs.

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Yearly Themes 2024

Instead of setting a fixed goal as my New Year’s resolution, only to then not even make it through January, I’m setting Yearly Themes. CGP Grey has a great video on them, here’s a quote:

For some things, precision matters, for others, it doesn’t and when trying to build yourself into a better version of yourself, exact data points don’t matter. All that matters, is the trend line.

Yearly Themes act as a signpost to give your year a direction—the idea is to keep them in mind when making decisions, no matter how small.

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Emacs From Scratch, Part 1: Foundations

Welcome to my new series Emacs From Scratch. I’m far from an Emacs expert, so join me in my quest to figure out how to create a useful Emacs setup from nothing.

In this part, we’ll install Emacs, set up sane defaults, packaging and do some basic UI tweaks to build a solid foundation.

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30 Bits of Advice for 30 Years

I’m turning 30 this year.

Inspired by Kevin Kelly’s incredible 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice, I collected bits of advice I’ve picked up over the years—mostly by people wiser than me.

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We Need to Bring Back Webrings

The year is 1996. You feed your Tamagotchi, get a Squeezit and turn on the home computer. You’ve told your family they can’t do phone calls for the next hour. The dial-up modem makes beeping sounds. You’re online.

Yesterday you found this fly website about amateur radio, and you want to explore more—but how can you find related websites? Yahoo is slow and not really showing you what you’re looking for. Then you notice that this website is part of the “Amateur Radio Webring”. You click the arrow to the right and dive into another website about amateur radio.

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