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Toot of the Week

a guide to greetings: "hi guys": excludes non-guys "ladies and gentlemen": excludes non-binary people, and men who aren't gentle "hey folks": a bit too predictable "hello fortnite gamers": surprising and equally offensive to everyone, the ideal choice — @Ninji@vulpine.club



  • Don’t use stale bots (fvsch.com)

    Florens Verschelde about the negative effects of stale bots in issue trackers.



  • OK, it’s time to freak out about AI (nonzero.substack.com)

    Nonzero about the potential dangers of AI that get more realistic with every new model (although I think LLMs aren’t the thing we should be scared of).

  • Design-by-wire (matthewstrom.com)

    Matthew Ström about the future of design with advanced AI. Thanks, Jan!

  • ChatGPT as muse, not oracle (geoffreylitt.com)

    Geoffrey Litt has tried using ChatGPT as a conversation partner that asks questions.

Cutting Room Floor


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