This is issue #9 of Arnes Weekly.

Always be quitting

Welcome to another issue of Arnes Weekly. Enjoy! ✌️

Tweet of the week

If you're on twitter long enough your personality either becomes "the woke mob can't handle me" or "I'm hot and sad and pro-union", there are no other options — @ZackBornstein on Twitter


  • Always be quitting ( — Julio Merino talks about how "making yourself replaceable" can make you a better engineer and lead to growth opportunities.
  • The Upcoming Remote Work Company Culture War ( — Ed Zitron in a very opinionated piece about the excuses for telling people to go back to the office.
  • A Project of One's Own ( — Paul Graham makes a point about the joy and excitement of doing projects just for you.


  • Will Apple Mail threaten the newsletter boom? ( — Casey Newton about the impact that Apple Mails new privacy features can have on newsletters. I must say I can't sympathise with business models that rely on tracking people (Arnes Weekly has no tracking and it never will).
  • Privacy analysis of FLoC ( — Eric Rescorla talks about the privacy problems with Googles Federated Learning of Cohorts (or FLoC) proposal.
  • It’s time to ditch Chrome ( — Kate O'Flaherty about the various reasons to switch browsers.

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