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88 / The yaml document from hell

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How to Get Promoted at Work

12 min ·

Steve Dennis has 7 steps to maximise your chances for success on the career ladder.

Evaluating Managers: 5 heuristics to measure managerial impact

8 min ·

AbdulFattah Popoola has some advice to measure your impact as a manager.

Management Debt

8 min ·

This article compares tech debt to management debt and explains common scenarios for management debt.


The yaml document from hell

10 min ·

Ruud van Asseldonk explains different YAML footguns on one example and lists some alternatives.

Just use a monorepo

2 min ·

Justin moved all of Buttondown into a monorepo and explains why they love it.

Your tech stack is not the product

6 min ·

Mike Wakerly explains why your tech stack is means, not an end — especially in early stage startups.

Guide to Web Authentication

6 min ·

Suby Raman explains how WebAuthn works and how to implement it.

Easy, alternative soft deletion: deleted_record_insert

2 min ·

Brandur has a good alternative for the deleted_at field.

Cutting Room Floor

If you really want to remember a moment, try not to take a photo

6 min ·

Manoush Zomorodi explains why you remember less of an experience if you took a photo.

Extreme questions to trigger new, better ideas

15 min ·

Jason Cohen has 15 extreme questions to broaden your idea scope, some interesting, some controversial.

The rules of improv can make you funnier. They can also make you more confident.

7 min ·

Oluwakemi Aladesuyi and Audrey Nguyen about five rules of improv you can apply to your life.


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