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87 / The internet wants to be fragmented

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Toot of the Week

Rebasing is just gaslighting for computers.— @mttaggart@fosstodon.org


  • "I'm On It" (mikefisher.substack.com)

    Mike Fisher about their favourite response when given a task.

  • The science of why you have great ideas in the shower (nationalgeographic.co.uk)

    Stacey Colino has the neurological explanation for the reasons you get great ideas in the shower or find bug fixes when on a walk: The default mode network in your brain.

  • The internet wants to be fragmented (noahpinion.substack.com)

    Noah Smith about centralised social media, why community moderation works and the trend towards a decentralised internet.


  • How Roadmaps Accidentally Make Teams Powerless (goretro.ai)

    David Pereira about four common reasons roadmap trap teams and negatively impact the results and what to do instead.

  • The Diving Save (randsinrepose.com)

    Michael Lopp about the right way to “save” someone who’s decided to quit.

  • To Be Productive, Be Prepared (martinrue.com)

    Martin Rue explains why preparation is a requirement for motivation.

  • Success & Velocity (breakingpoint.substack.com)

    Sean Byrnes says you need two metrics in your team: One for success and one for velocity.

  • Finding Fulfillment (longform.asmartbear.com)

    Jason Cohen has a recipe for fulfilment: Joy, skill & need.


Cutting Room Floor

  • The Dangers of Elite Projection (humantransit.org)

    Jarrett Walker about the results of elites making decisions for many people that are only useful for them.


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