This is issue #86 of Arnes Weekly.

86 / Why the super rich are inevitable

Happy new year! 🎇

Toot of the Week

[AI enters the room]

Artists: Please stop. We love art.
Programmers: Please continue. We hate programming.


How To Distort Text With SVG Filters

5 min ·

Henry Desroches explains how to apply SVG filters to text for cool effects.

Recommended File Formats for Digital Preservation

5 min ·

Duke University Libraries has file format recommendations for digital preservation in 17 categories, each with three levels.

A closer look at Acorn, our open source precision farming rover

6 min ·

Taylor explains the parts of the open source Garmin robot they're building.

Lesser Known Techniques for Attacking AWS Environments

11 min ·

Scott Piper explains four less known attacks on AWS resources.

Rust 2023 (by Yosh)

7 min ·

Yoshua Wuyts reflects upon 2022 for Rust and looks into next year.

Faster Go code by being mindful of memory

8 min ·

Arthur Busser explains how they sped up their Advent of Code puzzle in Go.

Cutting Room Floor

Why the super rich are inevitable

6 min ·

An interactive article that explains the yard sale model with concrete examples.


33 min ·

Bartosz Ciechanowski wrote another one of their incredible interactive articles, this time explaining how sound works.

Why fusion ignition is being hailed as a major breakthrough in fusion – a nuclear physicist explains

4 min ·

Carolyn Kuranz from the University of Michigan explains the recent fusion ignition breakthrough and when we can expect clean fusion energy to power our homes.

Caught on Camera, Traced by Phone: The Russian Military Unit That Killed Dozens in Bucha

6 min ·

An investigation from 8 reporters shows evidence that the Bucha massacre was intentional and which people were part of it.

Hands On With Flipper Zero, the Hacker Tool Blowing Up on TikTok

5 min ·

Dhruv Mehrotra explains their experience with the Flipper Zero.


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