84 / The Riddle of Rest


Projects of Friends

Fn(), Functional Programming for Golang


Kamstrup built a functional programming library for Go, inspired by Clojure and the Java Streams API. It allows you to write code like this:

// Get all users without a name.

Toot of the Week

rust programmers be like "pretty slow, nearly a microsecond" — @dysfun@treehouse.systems


  • Overcoming Negativity (salman.io)

    Salman has a list of tactics to overcome negative thoughts about yourself or your work.

  • Challenging the status quo at work? (workweek.com)

    Hebba Youssef has some tipps to help you challenge decisions or the status quo

  • The Riddle of Rest (moretothat.com)

    Lawrence Yeo defines true rest, and why it’s sometimes hard to achieve it even if you, for example, gaze at a still lake.



Cutting Room Floor


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