This is issue #84 of Arnes Weekly.

84 / The Riddle of Rest


Toot of the Week

rust programmers be like "pretty slow, nearly a microsecond" —

Projects of Friends

Fn(), Functional Programming for Golang

Kamstrup built a functional programming library for Go, inspired by Clojure and the Java Streams API. It allows you to write code like this:

// Get all users without a name.


Overcoming Negativity

3 min ·

Salman has a list of tactics to overcome negative thoughts about yourself or your work.

Challenging the status quo at work?

6 min ·

Hebba Youssef has some tipps to help you challenge decisions or the status quo at work.

The Riddle of Rest

5 min ·

Lawrence Yeo defines true rest, and why it's sometimes hard to achieve it even if you, for example, gaze at a still lake.


Our Experience Porting the YJIT Ruby Compiler to Rust

16 min ·

Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert about their experience of porting a C99 project to Rust.

Self-referential types for fun and profit

12 min ·

The author shows how to create self-referential types manually in Rust and why it's as hard as it is.

Lenses and Prisms

7 min ·

This article shows the Rust design patterns Lenses and Prisms and how they work.

My negative views on Rust

4 min ·

Chris Done describes what they don't like about Rust.


Reinventing How We Use Computers

7 min ·

Ploum has a vision for a "Forever Computer", which makes you rethink your digital life.

Washing Machine Cycle Notifications

2 min ·

Malachi Soord used Home Assistant to get a notification when the washing machine is done and explains how he set it up.

Sneaky hackers reverse defense mitigations when detected

2 min ·

Bill Toulas about an ongoing attack on mobile carrier networks where the hackers even revert mitigation measures if not implemented fast enough.

Tips for analyzing logs

5 min ·

Julia Evans collected some tips on Mastodon for analyzing logs.

Goodbye to the C++ Implementation of Zig

13 min ·

Andrew Kelley explains different strategies for compiler bootstrapping and how Zig uses WebAssembly.

New in Go 1.20: wrapping multiple errors

7 min ·

Lukáš Zapletal about the implications of multiple errors in Go 1.20.

Cutting Room Floor

Ideas That Changed My Life

5 min ·

Morgan Housel lists 7 ideas that changed her life, in retrospect.

Germans Have Seen the Future, and It’s a Heat Pump

4 min ·

Melissa Eddy and Patrick Junker about Germany's shift from gas to heat pumps.

Elephants born without tusks in ‘evolutionary response’ to violent poachers

2 min ·

Will Brown about new research that shows how elephant's evolutionary response to violent poachers.

How to become a truly excellent gift giver

9 min ·

Eliza Brooke has written an article full of concrete tips for great gifts.


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