This is issue #82 of Arnes Weekly.

82 / Programming is a Pop Culture


Toot of the Week

him: will you at least act normal when my folks get here
me: flipping a pancake and reading it like a tarot card bad news


Programming is a Pop Culture

6 min ·

Baldur Bjarnason explains why programming has trends, just like the fashion industry.

Holding two opposing ideas in my mind

2 min ·

Alfred Lua about the necessity to endure the cognitive dissonance of two conflicting ideas.


Little Languages Are The Future Of Programming

12 min ·

chreke about the advantages of "little languages".

What is a Capability?

4 min ·

Dan Gohman explains WASM capabilities.

Flux: Refinement Types for Rust

4 min ·

Ranjit Jhala introduces a new Rust library that adds refinements (e.g. pre-conditions or post-conditions).

CVE-2022-41924 - RCE in Tailscale, DNS Rebinding, and You

18 min ·

Emily Trau used 7 issues in Tailscale to get access to a node (all of them are fixed, but you should update your Windows client).

Always use [closed, open) intervals

3 min ·

Fernando about the dangers of [closed, closed] intervals and why you should always use [closed, open).

An Interactive Guide to Flexbox

22 min ·

Josh Comeau has built a great interactive guide to CSS Flexbox.

Dialogs, modality and popovers seem similar. How are they different?

20 min ·

Hidde de Vries about modality on a website, inert state and the new popover element.

Cutting Room Floor


4 min ·

Bastian Allgeier about online personas and negativity on Twitter, err the Birdsite.


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