This is issue #79 of Arnes Weekly.

79 / The perfect commit

Hopy your week has been good 😌


Things your manager might not know

12 min ·

Julia Evans has 8 things you can do to make everyone's job a lot easier.

Ideal open source

4 min ·

Ned Batchelder about open source motivation and an ideal situation.

How to lead strategically every day

7 min ·

Fiona McVitie about what makes a good strategy and how to make it a habit.


The Perfect Commit

8 min ·

Simon Willison has some guidelines for good commits, some of them controversial.

Generic associated types to be stable in Rust 1.65

9 min ·

Jack Huey gives an introduction to GATs in Rust (finally!)

RC Week 7: Four habits to improve as a programmer

4 min ·

Nicolas has four habits for programmers.

In defense of linked lists

3 min ·

antirez lists reasons why linked lists are useful even when they get bad rep.

Cutting Room Floor

The Restaurant Industry’s Worst Idea

5 min ·

Conor Friedersdorf about QR codes and digital menus.

Dynamic documents as personal software

35 min ·

Geoffrey Litt, Max Schoening, Paul Shen and Paul Sonnentag wrote an essay about dynamic documents that fit the workflow (instead of having to adjust your workflow for an app). Thanks, Jan!


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