77 / Take a Break You Idiot

Hey everyone, I’ve been sick for the last two weeks, that’s why there was no issue last week. But I’m back now with a packed issue! Hope you enjoy ❤️

Tweet of the Week

Should’ve been a cat. Sleep for 16 hours a day, cause chaos for the other 8. Scream loudly whenever I’m hungry. Knock shit off the counter for no reason — @drakegatsby


  • Just for Fun. No, Really. (justforfunnoreally.dev)

    Tim Morgan built a nice Page that you can send to people that don’t get why you’re working on a side project that doesn’t look like it will make money.

  • Take a Break You Idiot (robinrendle.com)

    Robin Rendle about the importance of regular breaks from work.

  • Know your carrying capacity (macchaffee.com)

    Mac Chaffee about the term “carrying capacity” and what happens if you don’t know yours.

  • Avoiding Featurism (tdarb.org)

    Brad has 5 rules to avoid what they call creeping featurism.

  • Writing for Engineers (heinrichhartmann.com)

    Heinrich Hartmann has a great guide for writing.



Cutting Room Floor


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