This is issue #76 of Arnes Weekly.

76 / An end to doomerism

Welcome back to Arne's Weekly! I had an amazing time in Barcelona, hope you're doing well too ✌🏻

Tweet of the Week

i used to be young and cool and now when it rains i say things like “this is good. we needed this” — @elykreimendahl on Twitter


Electric Bike, Stupid Love of My Life

11 min ·

Craig Mod writes an ode to electric bikes so compelling that I want to buy one now.

An end to doomerism

9 min ·

Dr. Hannah Ritchie about pessimism and why realistic optimism is more productive.

How does the Russo-Ukrainian War end?

14 min ·

Timothy Snyder about a possible ending of the war that they argue is way more likely than the alternatives.


OOPS! Learning from the incident you didn't have

3 min ·

An article about learning from surprises instead of incidents.

Aging programmer

3 min ·

Jorge Manrubia about his experience as a 40-year old programmer.

Microsoft exec: My 2-step rule for having hard conversations at work

4 min ·

Morgan Smith about Chris Capossela's system for hard conversations.


Go runtime: 4 years later

5 min ·

Michael Knyszek lists past improvements of the Go runtime and introduces the new soft memory limit configuration.

JMAP: It’s like IMAP But Not Really

4 min ·

Jason Munro about the JMAP protocol and why it's so much better than IMAP.

New integer types I'd like to see

7 min ·

Jonathan about new integer types that could make some problems go away (e.g. by being symmetric).

Turns are Better than Radians

5 min ·

Casey Muratori argues that you shouldn't use radians in code.


Why Async Rust

17 min ·

Yoshua Wuyts about the benefits of the async architecture in Rust.

My first time using Rust "for real"

9 min ·

Vivek Panyam shares the perspective of an experienced C++ engineer using Rust.

Hard Mode Rust

18 min ·

Aleksey Kladov writes a ray-tracer in Rust without dynamic memory allocation.

A quick reference guide for the Pythonista in the process of becoming a Rustacean

17 min ·

Bruno Rocha has an extensive guide to learn Rust coming from Python.

Cutting Room Floor

My Trip to Space Filled Me With ‘Overwhelming Sadness’

6 min ·

William Shatner became the oldest living person to travel into space, but experienced the "Overview Effect".

The rise of the crypto influencer and the fall of truth

6 min ·

This article exposes some of the shady tactics of ”crypto influencers“, including the old-time classic pump and dump.


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