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73 / Quality Is Systemic

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‘You can’t say that!’: how to argue, better

6 min ·

Adam Grant has practical tipps that can help you argue with people in a more constructive way and see your own biases.

Quality Is Systemic

2 min ·

Jacob Kaplan-Moss explains why the reason for bad software is systemic in most cases.


Your Career Is Just One-Eighth of Your Life

7 min ·

Derek Thompson has 5 points of career advice for you.

Habits and Principles for Peak Performance and Geniune Excellence

3 min ·

Brad Stulberg has 19 habits and principles for peak performance and genuine excellence.

Be good-argument-driven, not data-driven

8 min ·

Richard Marmorstein about the dangers of metric-driven software development.


An opinionated guide on how to reverse engineer software, part 1

5 min ·

Ryan Stortz has a great guide to get started with reverse engineering.

Vulnerability Management for Go

2 min ·

Julie Qiu introduces the Go vulnerability database.

FLAC - Format overview

5 min ·

An overview of the FLAC audio file format.

Attacking Firecracker: AWS' microVM Monitor Written in Rust

37 min ·

Valentina Palmiotti about a security vulnerability in Firecracker and how they exploited it. Thanks, Mikkel!

Learning Rust: Async Combinators

4 min ·

Sylvain Kerkour introduces a few Rust async combinators (to deal with a stream of values).

How to Use Rust Traits, Generics and Bounds

10 min ·

Rodrigo Santiago refactors their old Rust code to use Traits & Generics and shows the difference it makes.

Cutting Room Floor

Your attention span is being robbed!

7 min ·

Mihailo Joksimovic about the modern slot machines that are social media and ways to break out.

Europe Is Sacrificing Its Ancient Forests for Energy

9 min ·

Sarah Hurtes and Weiyi Cai about the practice of burning wood as "renewable energy" and why it has to stop. Thanks, Mum!

What does it mean to be smart?

2 min ·

Seth Godin about alleged smartness in computers.

Ethanol-Mediated Novel Survival Strategy against Drought Stress in Plants

38 min ·

A paper from over 30 scientists about the positive effects of ethanol for plants that don't get enough water. Thanks, Mum!


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