This is issue #72 of Arnes Weekly.

72 / Why are you so busy?

Hey hey, how's it going? 🙌🏻

Tweet of the Week

the rust compiler gives me more emotional support than any significant other i have ever had — @damaredayo


Why are you so busy?

5 min ·

Tom Lingham explains what to do when you're too busy.

Do we need an office?

16 min ·

Nikita Zhuk about remote work and how to make it good.

What distinguishes great software engineers? (pdf)

73 min ·

Paul Luo Li, Amy J. Ko and Andrew Begel surveyed hundreds of software developers on qualities that distinguish great software engineers in paper (2019).


How and why stable diffusion works for text to image generation

8 min ·

Marc Päpper explains how stable diffusion works.

1 week of Stable Diffusion

3 min ·

A nice timeline of the week after the release of stable diffusion.

DIY out of band management: remote console server

10 min ·

Michael Stapelberg built a remote console server for his home router using a separate internet connection.

Learning Rust: Combinators

6 min ·

Sylvain Kerkour about different combinators in Rust and how to use them.

Arti 1.0.0 is released: Our Rust Tor implementation is ready for production use.

9 min ·

nickm describes the process of writing a Tor client in Rust.

Rewriting my blog in Rust for fun and profit

9 min ·

Jonas Hietala rewrote their blog in Rust and describes the process and how it improved.

Cutting Room Floor

I was on TikTok for 30 days: it is manipulative, addictive, and harmful to privacy

13 min ·

Luiza Jarovsky about the "epitome of the unregulated attention economy".


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