This is issue #70 of Arnes Weekly.

70 / Death to Dependencies

Tweet of the Week

while we're adding locale support to rustc, we should make it so it turns off the borrow checker when you run it with LANG=C
vana vlqc on Twitter


Death to Dependencies

15 min ·

Jim Benson about (remote) team collaboration and what harm silos and dependencies can do.

Why Developers Are Building So Many Side Projects

9 min ·

Ben Stokes about the reasons why people write (small) side projects.

Being-Doing Balance over Work-Life Balance

8 min ·

Jean Hsu about an alternative to the work-life balance concept.

Rituals for Engineering Teams

27 min ·

charity about fun rituals in engineering teams.

Taking notes in interviews

7 min ·

Jacob Kaplan-Moss has advice on how to best take notes during an interview.

We need young programmers; we need old programmers

7 min ·

Mark Seemann about the advantages of young people (not knowing what's impossible) as well as the advantages of old people (saying what needs to be said).


What is Backoff For?

5 min ·

Marc Brooker about different backoff strategies.

Removing HTTP/2 Server Push from Chrome

2 min ·

Barry Pollard explains why HTTP/2 server push is going away and what to use instead.

Programming breakthroughs we need

8 min ·

Matyáš Racek about their vision for future programming breakthroughs.

What I learned working with a senior engineer as a new grad

19 min ·

Tanishq Kancharla gives insight into the things they learned when working with a senior engineer at Notion.

iOS Privacy: Announcing

10 min ·

Felix Krause announces a website that allows you to "see what JavaScript commands get injected through an in-app browser".

Cutting Room Floor

Reject the Algorithm

5 min ·

Nick Maggiulli explains why you shouldn't work for the algorithm (e.g. become a threadboi) and instead stay true to your values.

One for All?

4 min ·

Nancy Fliesler about a potential way to build a vaccine for all COVID variants.

Physical buttons outperform touchscreens in new cars, test finds

3 min ·

Fredrik Diits Vikström writes about a test done by a Swedish magazine that compares different HMI (human-machine interfaces) in cars.

How the Find My App Became an Accidental Friendship Fixture

6 min ·

Kalley Huang about the practice of using Apple's Find My as a social network.

I recreated famous album covers with DALL-E

8 min ·

Lucy tries to recreate famous album covers using AI, with pretty good results.


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