Barrels and Ammunition

Welcome to this weeks issue, hope you enjoy it!

Tweet of the week

feeling unaccomplished 101

  • start to many side projects
  • end nothing
  • constantly improve half-made things
  • watch movies to decompress
  • feel guilty
  • buy books
  • never read it. put it on the shelf so you feel miserable crossing by
  • take even more new responsibilities

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Software Engineering

Cutting room floor

  • Weeknotes #2 — My good friend Jan Früchtl started weekly posts about the things he learned or found interesting, be sure to check this out!
  • Blog about what you’ve struggled with — Julia Evans about writing about learning in public.
  • Than Average — Do you think you have better ideas than average? 67 % think that. Super fun page by Fred Wordie and Jae Perris.


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