This is issue #68 of Arnes Weekly.

68 / An app can be a home-cooked meal

Hey everyone, hope you enjoy this weeks curation ✌🏻

Tweet of the Week

Human: we have a color named after you!
Salmon: really? is it silvery blue like my outsides?
Human: no, uh–
Salmon: wait why is it pink?
Human: ...
Matthew Broussard on Twitter


João Alves on Twitter

3 min ·

João Alves has ten points that define above-average managers.



3 min ·

Eloy Degen explains why using Public Wi-Fi networks is (mostly) fine.

How I Used DALL·E 2 to Generate The Logo for OctoSQL

8 min ·

Jacob Martin used the AI image generator DALL•E 2 to create a logo, very interesting journey.

Why I Love Still PHP and Javascript After 20+ years

2 min ·

mnl explains why they still love PHP and legacy codebases.

Lattice-based Cryptography 🧮

6 min ·

Agam about new encryption algorithms that can withstand attacks from quantum computers.

Use One Big Server

13 min ·

Nima Badizadegan about the benefits and drawbacks of using one big server instead of the cloud.

An app can be a home-cooked meal

6 min ·

Robin Sloan about BoopSnop, a home-made app, built for four people without ads or tracking or feature creep.

Matt Mueller: Building Modern Web Applications Faster With Bud

7 min ·

Preslav Rachev Interviews Matt Mueller on their new web framework, Bud.

Cut the cutesy errors

2 min ·

Alex Chan explains why you shouldn't use cute error messages.

Cramming 'Papers, Please' Onto Phones

18 min ·

Lucas Pope about the rewrite of PAPERS, PLEASE for mobile platforms.

Cutting Room Floor

The world is ablaze and the oil industry just posted record profits. It’s us or them

6 min ·

Hamilton Nolan des describes how the oil industry won’t go away by itself, we‘ll have to fight it.


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