This is issue #67 of Arnes Weekly.

67 / Your Code Doesn’t Have to Be a Mess

Hey hey, how was your week? ✌🏻

Tweet of the Week

Remember, a strong type system can prevent classes of bugs, but you still have to test to make sure your logic is correct. Rust, but Verify — @jckarter on Twitter


The practical application of "Rocks, Pebbles, Sand"

17 min ·

Jason Cohen about a strategy to plan software projects.

Spell. It. Out.

3 min ·

Leo Polovets on being clear in presentation and leave nothing up for interpretation.


Your Code Doesn’t Have to Be a Mess

3 min ·

Daniel Sieger lists 5 strategies for good code.

You should take more screenshots

2 min ·

Alex Chan about taking screenshots of projects so you can explore them when it gets hard to get them running again.

A toy remote login server

11 min ·

Julia Evans wrote a toy login server and explains the basic technology.

Library Writing Realizations

7 min ·

cbloom has 10 points of advice for writing libraries.

Does Rust need proc-macros 2.0?

6 min ·

Aaron Erhardt about the current shortcomings of proc-macros in Rust.

Fixing the Next Thousand Deadlocks: Why Buffered Streams Are Broken and How To Make Them Safer

12 min ·

A blog post about some possible problems with Rust's Buffered streams (e.g. because a future in the stream depends on another one).

Cutting Room Floor

Your Kids Are Not Doomed

8 min ·

Ezra Klein in an opinion piece about having kids in a world of crisis.

Don't Panic

8 min ·

Michael Lopp about the FromSoftware "Souls" games and what they teach you.

The Best iPhone

3 min ·

Rodrigo Ghedin explains why they think the iPhone SE is the best iPhone.


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