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66 / Things you’re allowed to do

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The Habits of Sustainable Excellence

6 min ·

Brad Stulberg lists 19 habits for sustainable excellence.

The Structure and Process Fallacy

3 min ·

Nick Tune about the structure and process fallacy; thinking a reorg alone will make the company more efficient.


What happens when you press a key in your terminal?

9 min ·

Julia Evans about terminal history, escape codes and the quirks of a 40-year old standard.

Some Thoughts on Zig 

5 min ·

Chris Krycho lists reasons people like Zig even with the lack of memory safety.

Building a Rust Mentality

4 min ·

Isaac Clayton about designing software with Rust's strengths in mind.

SOC2: The Screenshots Will Continue Until Security Improves

17 min ·

Thomas Ptacek tells the story of implementing SOC2 at

Soft Deletion Probably Isn't Worth It

6 min ·

Brandur argues that soft-deletion is mostly complicating things, actually undeleting something happens very rarely.

A Little Story About the yes Unix Command

4 min ·

Matthias Endler tries to implement the unix yes command in an efficient way, which is more complicated than you probably thin

Improving “Extract Function” in Rust Analyzer

4 min ·

Dorian Scheidt about a recent change he contributed to rust-analyzer.

How Did REST Come To Mean The Opposite of REST?

13 min ·

This article is about JSON-RPC APIs wrongly being called REST APIs nowadays and what a real REST API actually looks like.

Cutting Room Floor

Things you're allowed to do

8 min ·

Milan Cvitkovic has a cool list of things that you're allowed to do, but didn't know you were or didn't even think about it.

Magnus Carlsen to give up World Championship title

8 min ·

Interesting story happening in the world of chess: Magnus Carlsen won't play another tournament after being world champion for 10 years.

Oliver Burkeman's last column: the eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life

7 min ·

Oliver Burkeman has eight secrets to a fulfilled life.

Analyzing iOS 16 Lockdown Mode: Browser Features and Performance

11 min ·

Russell Graves goes into detail on the new lockdown mode coming in iOS 16. TL;DR: you should enable it.


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