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63 / The Death Spiral Of Bullshit

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All humans implicitly understand the value of "a good stick" from a young age
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The 8 Jobs of Management

1 min ·

Shawn Wang summarises a chart by John Cutler into 8 jobs of management.

How to Structure your Product Org to Optimise for Growth

10 min ·

Jade Rubick explains different ways to build a solid structure that will reduce the usual growth pains.

The Death Spiral Of Bullshit

3 min ·

Austen Allred about the death spiral of bullshit; as companies grow often the need for buy-in grows, rewarding persuasiveness instead of building things.

Managing Remote Teams

3 min ·

Job has 20 great tips for managers of remote teams.


Write Docs Devs Love: Ten Tips To Level Up Your Tech Writing (Video)

27 min ·

Mason Egger has an amazing collection of tech writing tips, be prepared to take notes.

My Wonderful HTML Email Workflow

16 min ·

Josh Comeau has a nice newsletter workflow with great tools.

Fallacies of Distributed Systems

6 min ·

Mahdi Yusuf covers 8 fallacies of distributed systems and how to mitigate them.

Day in the Life of Open Source Maintenance (Video)

2 hours, 30 min ·

Jon Gjengset streams the everyday of an open source developer, reviewing pull requests and more.

The Windows malloc() Implementation Is A Trash Fire

5 min ·

Erik McClure tries to optimise the startup time of their JIT language on Windows and dives deep into the rabbit hole of LLVM and Windows allocators.

Cutting Room Floor

Ukraine Has Exposed Russia as a Not-So-Great Power

6 min ·

Phillips Payson O’Brien about realists calling Russia a "great power" and how the war exposed a different reality

Life Is Not Short

10 min ·

DKB does a fictional interview with the philosopher Seneca:

The most surprising thing is that you wouldn’t let anyone steal your property, but you consistently let people steal your time, which is infinitely more valuable.


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