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60 / Optimism Shapes Reality

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Optimism Shapes Reality

5 min ·

Alexandr Wang talks about setting goals that ensure speedy execution.

Motivating Developers to Care About Documentation

5 min ·

Paulo André gets interviewed about documentation and the difference in compliance and commitment.

​​We're Living in a Commitment Crisis

2 min ·

David Perell explains that people who think they'll be happy without obligations will rather feel "adrift" and empty. "To achieve anything meaningful, you have to make a commitment."


Tools for better thinking

Adam Amran has collected some great thinking tools.

Data Race Patterns in Go

14 min ·

Milind Chabbi and Murali Krishna Ramanathan describe a system in place at Uber that detected over 2000 data races in 6 months in their Go codebase.

Cargo Culting Software Engineering Practices

7 min ·

Logan Mortimer talks summarises Kent Beck's (author of Extreme Programming) points in an interview from 2019 about software engineering practices.

Cutting Room Floor

A day in the life of (almost) every vending machine in the world

1 min ·

Tom Lamont writes a very interesting piece about the life of vending machines, their origins and how we humans perceive them.

We Can Do Better Than “Same, But Electric”

6 min ·

Steve explains why electric vehicles should rethink more and not make the same compromises as vehicles with combustion engines.

The different kinds of notes

16 min ·

Baldur Bjarnason about different kinds of notes and what goals and concepts exist to help you find your perfect setup. Thanks, Ted!


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