58 / Not My Job

Hey everyone, hope you week has been good! Enjoy this weeks curation ✌🏻

Tweet of the Week

oh you're a designer? name one layer — @darylginn on Twitter


  • Not My Job (blog.dbsmasher.com)

    Silvia Botros about the important difference of “filling the gap” and “being glue” as a senior+ engineer.


Cutting Room Floor

  • The Day I Became Friends with a Robot (tristrumtuttle.medium.com)

    Tristrum Tuttle made an AI write a story about AI and then used an AI to illustrate it.

  • Laurence Tratt: Using a "Proper" Camera as a Webcam (tratt.net)

    Laurence Tratt writes a create guide on what to look out for when using a real camera as a webcam.

  • Ten tips for Time Lords (bitfieldconsulting.com)

    John Arundel shares some great time management tips. I’m going to start setting up deep work slots next week.

  • What Bullets Do To Bodies (2017) (highline.huffingtonpost.com)

    Jason Fagone follows Dr. Amy Goldberg in of a trauma unit in a hospital in North Philadelphia to talk about gunshot victims and what it takes to reduce them (you already know it).


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