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This is issue #55 of Arnes Weekly.

55 / An easy mode for Rust

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Tweet Of The Week

“It’s only a pointer if it’s from the Provenance region of RAM, otherwise it’s just a sparkling usize.” — @impraxical on Twitter


The transmogrifying power of reflection

2 min · cenizal.com

CJ Cenizal about the powers of self-reflection.

Having Career Conversations

7 min · softwareonthebrain.com

Joe Lynch about career conversations and how to build trust.


An O(1) Generic Blog Post About Rust

9 min · peterkos.me

Peter Kos about const generics in Rust, with a bit of background on implementation history.

Building a static site generator in 100 lines of Rust

4 min · kerkour.com

Sylvain Kerkour built a SSG in 100 lines of Rust and explains how.

Creating an Easy Mode for Rust

5 min · tim.mcnamara.nz

Tim McNamara has a few suggestions for flattening the Rust learning curve.

Rust is hard, yes, but does it matter?

3 min · jmmv.dev

Julio Merino argues that in a typical software project using Rust isn’t really harder than other languages.


Moving a macOS window by clicking anywhere on it (like on Linux)

1 min · mmazzarolo.com

Matteo shares a neat trick to improve the ability to move windows on macOS.

Changing Tires at 100mph: A Guide to Zero Downtime Migrations

4 min · kiranrao.ca

Kiran Rao shares a great guide to zero-downtime migrations.

I won free load testing

30 min · fasterthanli.me

Amos describes the experience and countermeasure of the recent DDOS attacks on his website.

Cutting Room Floor

‘We Can Only Be Enemies’

14 min · theatlantic.com

Peter Pomerantsev about the bizarre story of a Ukrainian family living with Russian soldiers talking about their views and values.

Hot Banana

3 min · what-if.xkcd.com

Randall Munroe about radioactive bananas and how many it’d take to power a house.

Mechanical Watch

33 min · ciechanow.ski

If you ever wondered how a mechanical watch works, Bartosz Ciechanowski has yet another interactive blog post that‘s got you covered.

making friends on the internet

5 min · jon.bo

Jonathan Borichevskiy explains how to make friends on the internet.


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