55 / An easy mode for Rust

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Tweet of the Week

"It's only a pointer if it's from the Provenance region of RAM, otherwise it's just a sparkling usize." — @impraxical on Twitter




Cutting Room Floor

  • 'We Can Only Be Enemies' (theatlantic.com)

    Peter Pomerantsev about the bizarre story of a Ukrainian family living with Russian soldiers talking about their views and values.

  • Hot Banana (what-if.xkcd.com)

    Randall Munroe about radioactive bananas and how many it’d take to power a house.

  • Mechanical Watch (ciechanow.ski)

    If you ever wondered how a mechanical watch works, Bartosz Ciechanowski has yet another interactive blog post that‘s got you covered.

  • making friends on the internet (jon.bo)

    Jonathan Borichevskiy explains how to make friends on the internet.


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