This is issue #54 of Arnes Weekly.

54 / Crimes with Go Generics

Hello, how was your week? It's finally starting to feel like spring in Germany 🌳

Tweet Of The Week

Remember like two weeks ago when Elon was like “tell me how to end world hunger and I’ll do it” and then he bought twitter for $44 billion instead
@rivbutcher on Twitter


11 Principles of Engineering Management

4 min ·

Alan Johnson share some great principles to look for when being an engineering manager.

How to Freaking Find Great Developers By Having Them Read Code

5 min ·

The author explains why having people read code is superior to writing silly functions or drawing on whiteboards.


Crimes with Go Generics

10 min ·

Thanks to Go generics we finally have more ways to commit Go crimes! Xe Iaso has a few examples of Go code where generics might actually not be the best choice.

I want off Mr. Golang's Wild Ride

33 min ·

Amos writes about all the things about Go that frustrate him.

Experience Report: 6 months of Go

31 min ·

Varun Gandhi describes their experience of using Go for 6 months now and surfaces a lot of absurd behaviour.

What a better Rust would look like

3 min ·

Sylvain Kerkour imagines a programming language better than Rust.

Cutting Room Floor

Admit It, You Won't Quit Twitter Because Of Elon Musk

2 min ·

Katie Notopoulos writes an honest dourness of why you probably won't quit Twitter, even if it now belongs to the bad rocket man. Thanks, Jan!

Review: Playdate earns its $179 price tag with cute design, memorable games

4 min ·

Sam Machkovech reviews the Playdate, of which apparently the first batch is being sent out right now!

103 Bits of Advice I Wish I Had Known

10 min ·

Kevin Kelly turns 70 and shares 103 great bits of advice. I love these lists!

How I put my whole life into a single database · Felix Krause

1 min ·

Felix Krause made a public website with all kinds of data about him, including location, planned travel, local weather, mood, etc.

Cool Things People Do With Their Blogs

3 min ·

Wouter Groeneveld has collected a list of cool things you can do with your website.

Researchers develop a paper-thin loudspeaker

5 min ·

Adam Zewe about a paper-thin loudspeaker design that could be used for 3D sound or noise cancelling an airplane cockpit.


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