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51 / Advantages of monorepos

Hey hey, how was your week?

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I love the phrase "have a good one" because it's just like, whatever you're having — a Monday, an existential crisis, an incredible mushroom trip, a murder fantasy — I hope it's good.
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The Cone Model for Teams' Support Network

5 min ·

Shy Alter shares a model of team structure that relies on many-to-many relations instead of one-to-one.

Software Engineering

That simple script is still someone's bad day

3 min ·

Rachel about shell scripts that work unexpectedly, even with pipe fail enabled. There's a follow-up: You can do a lot with an empty file.

How To Seamlessly Authenticate to Grafana using Tailscale

4 min ·

Xe Iaso explains how to set up Grafana so it derives your identity from the Tailscale session.

Advantages of monorepos

8 min ·

Dan Luu lists 5 advantages of monorepos. He even lists 10 other posts discussing monorepos, so this is a great place to dig deep.

Rust's fearless concurrency in practice

4 min ·

Sylvain Kerkour shares an excerpt from his book demonstrating one Rust's strengths: Fearless concurrency.

Nix Flakes: Exposing and using NixOS Modules

17 min ·

Xe Iaso continues their series of Nix and Nix flakes to talk about NixOS modules, functions that take the current state of a system and return things to add to the state of the system.

Per-project Postgres

5 min ·

Jamey Sharp shares a way to have a per-project Postgres, using direnv.

Surprising Weak-Ref Implementations: Swift, Obj-C, C++, Rust, and Vale

11 min ·

Evan Ovadia compares how different typed languages to weak references and explains the reasons behind Vales implementation.

Cutting Form Floor

How to stop China and the US going to war

17 min ·

Kevin Rudd about the growing tensions between China and the US and what he thinks is necessary to prevent a war in this decade.

Elizabeth Warren’s plan to break up Big Everything

13 min ·

Sara Morrison about Elisabeth Warren's new bill:

The Prohibiting Anticompetitive Mergers Act, doesn’t just break up Big Tech: It breaks up Big Everything, and it prevents companies from getting too big in the future.


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