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everyone in crypto is either a liar or being lied to — @can on Twitter


  • How To Do Less (alexturek.com)

    Alex Turek about setting priorities and getting out of the trap of too much to do (and staying out).

Software Engineering

  • Generics can make your Go code slower (planetscale.com)

    Vicent Marti from Planetscale talks about the inner workings of generics in Go 1.18 and what it means for performance. If you use Go but don’t really care about the low-level stuff, scroll way down and check out DOs and DON’Ts.

  • How Go Mitigates Supply Chain Attacks (go.dev)

    Filippo Valsorda lists ways how Go works against supply chain attacks.

  • How we used Go 1.18 when designing our Identifiers (encore.dev)

    Dominic Black compares different identifier technologies (think auto-incrementing database ids or UUIDs) and describes a real-world use of Go generics.

  • When not to use Rust? (kerkour.com)

    Sylvain Kerkour lists four scenarios where Rust might not be the best choice.

  • Why Rust mutexes look like they do (cliffle.com)

    Cliff L. Biffle compares traditional C mutexes to Rust mutexes and explains why the Rust version looks the way it does.

Cutting Room Floor


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