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48 / My Favorite npm Commit

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Tweet of The Week

malloc "may" return null in the same way that I "may" get my act together someday and act like a real adult — @zhuowei auf Twitter


How to pay professional maintainers

4 min ·

Filippo Valsorda shares some advice to companies that want to sponsor individual open-source maintainers.

7 Mental Models For Great Engineering Leadership

9 min ·

Eiso Kant explains where to spend your time at different stages of the company, based on 7 models.

Software Engineering

My Favorite npm Commit

1 min ·

isaacs about their favourite npm commit: Setting the time to the 26th October of 1985 to work around a tar limitation. If that date doesn't ring a bell, it's a reference to the Back To The Future movies.

Introduction to Apple Silicon

18 min ·

The developers behind Asahi Linux explain how Apple Silicon (i.e. M1 and later) works.

Chapter 1. Why You Should Give it a Try

6 min ·

A Nix Pill that explains the raison d'être of Nix.

Full-Bleed Layout Using CSS Grid

8 min ·

Josh Comeau about a good way to implement a full-bleed layout in CSS.

Writing out large arrays in Go: binary.Write is inefficient for large arrays

1 min ·

Daniel Lemire about ways to make Go's binary.Write method faster or more efficient.

What does it mean to listen on a port?

10 min ·

Paul Butler explores the concept of ports on an operating system via a fictional story.

Panics vs cancellation, part 1

6 min ·

Niko Matsakis about panics and cancellation in async Rust.

Cutting Room Floor

War-prompted Disaster Planning

2 min ·

Jeff Kaufman about the steps he takes to be ready for disaster.

Down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole

11 min ·

Fowlie shares their experience with different mechanical keyboards and layouts.

Smart Home components

12 min ·

Michael Stapelberg about some smart home components he used and how he likes them.

How our free plan stays free

8 min ·

Avery Pennarun explains the pricing model of Tailscale and why the free customers are not the product.

A retrospective look at Mac OS X Snow Leopard

19 min ·

Riccardo Mori compares Mac OS X Snow Leopard to macOS Big Sur from a visual standpoint.


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