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47 / Falsify yourself

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i love how americans are like "if anyone is in michigan let's meet up" where michigan is like the size of my entire country — @thingskatedid on Twitter


  • Request coalescing in async Rust (fasterthanli.me)

    Amos dives deep into caching responses for concurrent requests in Rust.

  • The Code Review Pyramid (morling.dev)

    Gunnar Morling built a great chart of questions to ask in different layers of code reviews.

  • My lizard brain is no match for infinite scroll (alexanderell.is)

    Alex Ellis about their inability to resist the temptation of social networks with infinite scrolling.

    When I think about how I feel after 30 minutes of letting my mind wander on a walk versus 30 minutes of scrolling, it’s night and day.


  • Falsify yourself (iamjonas.me)

    Jonas Lundberg about the importance of falsifying your ideas and plans before presenting them to others.

  • Pair Programming Antipatterns (tuple.app)

    A great list of things to improve your pair programming skills.

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