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Tweet of the Week

I remember when email was useful. Now it's all - Confirm your email address for Slorp - Thank you for creating a Slorp account - Slorp is now BONTO! - BONTO!'s terms and conditions have changed. - BONTO! misses you. - BONTO! is shutting down. — @Smingleigh


  • GPS (ciechanow.ski)

    Bartosz Ciechanowski built an amazing interactive blogpost that explains how GPS works and why.

  • How "Engineering-Driven" Leads to "Engineering-Supremacy" (charity.wtf)

    Charity explains how Honeycomb went from an engineering-driven company to hiring people with actual degrees and experience in other fields (Sales, Marketing, etc.) and the dangers that come with being engineering-driven.

    We DO NOT hire engineers who talk shit about sales and marketing.


Software Engineering

Cutting Room Floor


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