45 / I have no capslock and I must scream

Hey, hope you’re okay.

Tweet of the Week

why rebase when you can just throw your computer out the window — @NayaJaczorowski on Twitter


Software Engineering

Cutting Room Floor

  • There Is Nothing Dumber Than War (designmom.substack.com)

    Gabrielle Stanley Blair about the “unprovoked, unnecessary, and unreasonable” attack on Ukraine and why you should be furious about it.

  • My Smart Home 2021 (jorisroovers.com)

    Joris Roovers describes their Home Assistant setup and the changes they made recently.

  • Be anonymous (kg.dev)

    Kash shares some thoughts about different levels of anonymity.

  • Find You: Building a stealth AirTag clone (positive.security)

    Fabian Bräunlein shows ways to circumvent Apples security measures to prevent tracking other people using an AirTag.


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