This is issue #44 of Arnes Weekly.

44 / A Rust match made in hell

Hey, how was you week? ✌🏻

Tweet of The Week

I love all the Winter Olympic events, sliding downhill on a piece of wood, sliding downhill on 2 pieces of wood, sliding downhill IN a piece of wood. All amazing. — @TheAndrewNadeau on Twitter


Building an iPod for 2022

5 min ·

Ellie Huxtable bought an iPod Video 5.5, replaced the HDD and front plate and flashed a custom operating system. I love this, in fact I have an iPod Video lying around here just waiting for something like this!

A Rust match made in hell

25 min ·

Amos about a footgun in Rust that took him about a week to fix.


That Wild Ask A Manager Story

2 min ·

Jacob Kaplan-Moss about the things to do to prevent fraud in the hiring process.

Interview Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

3 min ·

Mark Erikson has a list of 32 questions you can ask your interviewer.

Software Engineering

The foundations of end-to-end encryption: Domain separation (with code example in Rust)

2 min ·

Sylvain Kerkour explains domain separation for end-to-end encryption.

Announcing Tokio Metrics 0.1

2 min ·

Carl Lerche & Jack Wrenn announce Tokio Metrics, a tool that provides instrumentation for the Tokio scheduler at runtime (Tokio Console is the local debugging equivalent).

File-driven testing in Go

3 min ·

Eli Bendersky about file-driven testing, where you have a .input and a .golden file and programatically compare them in your tests.

How does UTF-8 turn “😂” into “F09F9882”?

6 min ·

Seth Michael Larson explains the UTF-8 code point layout with diagrams.

Cutting Room Floor

Why you can't rebuild Wikipedia with crypto

11 min ·

Casey Newton interviews Molly White, the creator of Web3 Is Going Just Great about the so-called web3, cryptocurrencies and Wikipedia.

Building a PiSight

1 min ·

Robb Knight built a Pi Zero into an old iSight camera. What a great way to upcycle!


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