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continually amused by blockchain proponents who are fundamentally unable to understand that there exist people for whom money is not the #1 motivator — @molly0xFFF



Software Engineering


Cutting Room Floor

  • Oh, 2022! (antipope.org)

    Charlie Stross about his predictions of 2022 and how he “clearly wasn’t pessimistic enough”. Make sure you’re in a good mood before reading this, it’s a bit grim.

  • The Case Against Crypto (stephendiehl.com)

    Stephen Diehl talks about some counterpoints against the cryptocurrency-bubble, namely how they don’t solve a real problem, they aren’t actually currencies and more.

  • Web3 | No Mercy / No Malice (profgalloway.com)

    Scott Galloway about the reality of the so-called web3:

    Web3 has different-colored hair, but the same DNA as earlier web paradigms, which decentralized services at an unprecedented scale to centralize wealth and influence at an unprecedented scale. […] So far, web3 is web2.01.

  • I Quit! (keygen.sh)

    Zeke Gabrielse quit caffeine after 15 years and tells you about the cold-turkey experience and how it turned out.


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