37 / Preventing Log4j with Capabilities

Welcome back and a happy new year! 🎇

Tweet of the Week

Ah, nice to be on holiday, at Christmas, where I can forget about what happ… A photo of the back of a Blu-ray player, featuring the "Java Powered" logo
— @mgdm



Software Engineering

Cutting Room Floor

  • (mac)OStalgia (swallowmygraphicdesign.com)

    Michael Feeney built a Mac OS 9 UI Kit for Figma and proceeded to imagine Spotify, Slack, Chrome and more in a Mac OS 9 look.

  • Hacking Stories #2 - The virus that came in from the cold (kerkour.com)

    Another fictional hacking story by Sylvain Kerkour about a revengeful person who hacks their previous employer using a supply chain attack.

  • Five Thousand Stories (randsinrepose.com)

    Michael Lopp about the personal value of things and their new custom-made bookshelf.


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