This is issue #37 of Arnes Weekly.

37 / Preventing Log4j with Capabilities

Welcome back and a happy new year! 🎇

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Ah, nice to be on holiday, at Christmas, where I can forget about what happ… A photo of the back of a Blu-ray player, featuring the “Java Powered” logo@mgdm on Twitter


Generics facilitators in Go

2 min ·

Jaana Dogan introduces a workaround for Go's lack of parameterised methods.

Preventing Log4j with Capabilities

7 min ·

Justin Pombrio about the concept of capabilities and how they could've prevented the Log4j disaster. I want this in every language!

Why is my Rust build so slow?

32 min ·

Amos dives deep into Rust build-times and the impact of splitting a project up into crates or using a different linker.


Sustainable creativity in a world without copyright

4 min ·

Drew DeVault paints a picture of a world without copyright and how artists will benefit from it.

The Gift of It's Your Problem Now

12 min ·

apenwarr describes the complicated relationship of paying for open source and how paying for gifts does not work.

Labs & Simulation Environments

8 min ·

Jacob Kaplan-Moss describes best practices when doing lab or simulation environment work sample tests.

Software Engineering

Contexts and capabilities in Rust

9 min ·

Tyler Mandry describes their idea of having contexts and capabilities in Rust.

Three Minor Features in Go 1.18

4 min ·

Carl M. Johnson about three minor features in Go 1.18: runtime/debug.BuildInfo, http.MaxBytesHandler and strings.Cut.

Trying Out Generics in Go

6 min ·

Mark Phelps tried out the new generics in Go 1.18 and has a few tips to get started.

Tools You Should Know About: nix-shell

8 min ·

Gary Verhaegen explains nix-shell with concrete examples on how to get started.

Fix the unit test and open a giant hole everywhere

4 min ·

Rachel tells the story of a small change in a commonly used internal package lead to severe security issues.

My negative views on Rust

4 min ·

This newsletter has a lot of (pro) Rust news, so here's a piece by Chris Done that shows their negative views on the language.

Cutting Room Floor


3 min ·

Michael Feeney built a Mac OS 9 UI Kit for Figma and proceeded to imagine Spotify, Slack, Chrome and more in a Mac OS 9 look.

Hacking Stories #2 - The virus that came in from the cold

5 min ·

Another fictional hacking story by Sylvain Kerkour about a revengeful person who hacks their previous employer using a supply chain attack.

Five Thousand Stories

4 min ·

Michael Lopp about the personal value of things and their new custom-made bookshelf.


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