36 / Why not Rust?

Hey everyone, thanks for your feedback on the changes last week, I did some more tweaking this week.

This is the last issue of Arne’s Weekly for this year, I’ll be back on Jan 2. Happy holidays! 🎅

Tweet of the Week

Omicron presents a tremendous challenge: do you go out and risk getting covid or stay on the internet and risk hearing people talk about NFTs — @jasonschreier


  • How not to learn Rust (dystroy.org)

    Denys Séguret has a list of 11 mistakes people do when learning Rust. I definitely did some of them and I wish I had something like this to guide me.

  • I was stuck on a side project for 5 years. Here’s how I finished it. (cassandraxia.com)

    Cassandra Xia tells the story of their “shed”, a side project that consumed a big chunk of your life that you no longer enjoys. They also have a few points to watch out for and make “cake” instead.

  • Web3 is Bullshit (stephendiehl.com)

    Stephen Diehl takes a look at the problems of the so-called Web3 including compute, bandwidth and storage:

    That anyone could consider this to be the computational backbone to the new global internet is beyond laughable.


Software Engineering

  • Introduction to WebAssembly components (radu-matei.com)

    Radu introduces the recent component proposal for WASM and provides a hands-on example with Rust and C++.

  • Why Not Rust? (matklad.github.io)

    Aleksey Kladov has collected a few reasons to not choose Rust for a project.

  • Test Your Product on a Crappy Laptop (css-tricks.com)

    If you’re building consumer software, Eric Bailey argues you should test it on a “craptop” to make sure it’s accessible to these devices instead of testing on your high-end dev machine.


Cutting Room Floor


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