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34 / Inspiring Resilience

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Tweet of the Week

If you wondering what's Tech Twitter been up to lately. A meme. A boy with a trumped follows a girl that covers her ears. Text on the boy reads "crypto/nft/web3/dao", text on the girl reads "tech twitter"
— @tweevtran


  • 100 years of whatever this will be (apenwarr.ca)

    apenwarr about distributed systems in the real world and how they all eventually go awry if they’re not regulated.

  • I will pay you cash to delete your npm module (drewdevault.com)

    Drew DeVault will pay NPM maintainers cash to delete their module, the more weekly downloads the more cache. The idea is to disrupt and question the crazy JavaScript ecosystem.

  • Surprise! Inspiring Resilience (youtu.be)

    Cory Watson looks at real-world resilience at the Navy, NASA and others to find inspiration for the tech sector.


  • Pair Programming (jacobian.org)

    Jacob Kaplan-Moss wrote another part of his series on work sample tests and explains how to structure and evaluate pair-programming tests.

  • Being Opinionated Is Good And Bad. (mastrolinux.medium.com)

    Luca Cipriani about being opinionated vs. holding back.

  • Will Nix Overtake Docker? (blog.replit.com)

    Connor Brewster compares Nix and Docker and explains each system’s advantages.

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