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33 / Just a job

Hi hi, please enjoy this weeks curation πŸ“š

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every morning is a beautiful day to mute a new word about crypto β€” @ow on Twitter



  • Just a job (, 3 min) β€” Amy Hupe about the perception of work. Thanks, Jan!
  • Coding β€œHomework” (, 8 min) β€” Jacob Kaplan-Moss has s some concrete advise on how to structure the coding homework when hiring tech workers.
  • Your Board of Directors is Probably Going to Fire You (, 17 min) β€” Jerry Neumann shares some advice when it comes to handling a board of investors as the CEO of a startup.

Software Engineering

  • Batteries included with Emacs (, 6 min) β€” Karthik Chikmagalur showcases some builtin features and modes of Emacs.
  • Only 90s Web Developers Remember This (, 5 min) β€” Zach Holman about six technologies from the nineties (remember marquee?).
  • OOPS writeups (, 9 min) β€” Lorin Hochstein shows the structure of their OOPS write-ups and shows some examples.
  • Notes On [the Rust] Module System (, 5 min) β€” Aleksey Kladov shares some thoughts about the Rust module system.
  • Merge Queues with Bors (, 8 min) β€” Kevin Flansburg explains Bors, the bot that guarantees that the main branch will always compile by pipelining and testing branches.
  • Modern CSS Reset / Global Styles (, 10 min) β€” Josh Comeau has a simple CSS reset and goes into details for each rule. Did you know the *-selector is not slow after all?


  • Fun with Red Star OS (, 5 min) β€” sizeof(cat) boots North Korea's operating system, the apps installed and the general vibe.
  • Flatpak Is Not the Future (, 25 min) β€” Nicholas Fraser about the rust of Flatpak and it's many downsides (first of all, bloat).
  • The Operator Pattern in Nomad (, 7 min) β€” Andy Dote applies the Operator Pattern from Kubernetes to Monad.
  • NixOS: Headless Home Assistant VM (, 8 min) β€” Martin Myrseth set up a Home Assistant VM on NixOS and explains the configuration and pitfalls.
  • How to Learn Nix (, ca. 7 hours) β€” Ian Henry has a guide on Nix, hoping to improve the documentation by showing misunderstandings and frustrations. I'm not done yet but I remember having some of the same questions when starting to look into this.

Cutting Room Floor


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