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Tweet of the Week

Families don't typically fire their members. Families don't interview for new members. Families don't have promotions, KPIs and OKRs. Your company is not "just one big family." Implying otherwise is deceitful and manipulative. This is ultimately a professional context. — @KittyGiraudel


  • Individuals matter (danluu.com)

    Dan Luu about the non-fungibility (ugh) of people in an organisation and why companies are not Sim City.

  • 10 years of... whatever this has been (apenwarr.ca)

    apenwarr revisits a ten-year-old article where they predicted the development of blockchain technologies. Thanks, Jan

  • Scan of the Month (scanofthemonth.com)

    If you ever wanted to know what a CT scan of a Lego figure looks like, check this out.


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