This is issue #26 of Arnes Weekly.

26 / Twitter has a kernel team!?

Hey everyone, hope you enjoy this issue ✌🏻

Tweet of the Week

everyone talks about how instagram is bad for mental health but what about jira?? — @ikasliwal on Twitter


  • You can't tell people anything (2004) ( — A great post by Chip, who explains how some things have to be experienced, telling people about it is not enough.

  • Why corporate social responsibility is BS ( — Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labor, about corporate social responsibility and how it‘s mostly marketing.

  • Why Curiosity Is Better Than Being Smart? ( — Ivaylo Durmonski about the loop of smartness and curiosity.

  • The Stability Fantasy ( — Emmett FitzGerald on the illusion of viewing nature as a stable backdrop of life.

    The great irony of climate change is that, even though it is now occurring at an incomprehensibly rapid pace from a geologic perspective, it is still moving too slowly for humans to understand it as the crisis that it is.



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