This is issue #24 of Arnes Weekly.

24 / Start using tools again

Hey, how was your week? Enjoy todays issue ☕️

Tweet of the Week

two seconds into googling a javascript issue and i witness <div class="list-item"> and i want to stop programming for the day — @eevee on Twitter


  • A terminal case of Linux ( — Amos again with a great post starting with color handling in terminals and ending deep in assembly code.
  • Little Simz ( — Seb Emina in a portrait of one of my favourite artists.
  • Start using tools again ( — I love this post as it perfectly explains the direction I'm going towards myself: Simple, working tools without arbitrary constraints.
  • Freedom: the core value of hackers ( — Sylvain Kerkour on the core values of hackers, like right to repair or right to maintain and how to take back control.


Software Engineering

Cutting Room Floor


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