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152 / Local, first, forever

Hey hey, how was your week?

Toot of the Week

Hypothesis: once a company reaches a certain size, to a first approximation, all of its technical problems are actually socio-technical ones. — @norootcause@hachyderm.io



  • llama.ttf (fuglede.github.io)

    Søren Fuglede Jørgensen shares an unconventional project: Llama LLM in a font.

  • Start all of your commands with a comma (rhodesmill.org)

    Brandon Rhodes shares a cool tip for naming your own scripts: prepend a comma.

  • Local, first, forever (tonsky.me)

    Nikita Prokopov explores how a local-first platform-agnostic file provider could work. Thanks, Jan!

  • The plan-execute pattern (mmapped.blog)

    Roman Kashitsyn about the benefits of the plan-execute pattern in complex software.

Cutting Room Floor


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