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146 / We can have a different web

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Toot of the Week

“do you know ascii code 7?” “yea, that rings a bell.” — @aiju@chaos.social


  • Seek First to Understand (dannorth.net)

    Daniel North recommends not trying to fix everything when joining a new project, and instead fix the “next one”.



  • Heat Death of the Internet (takahe.org.nz)

    Gregory Bennett tells a fictional, but relatable, story about what the internet has become.

  • We can have a different web (citationneeded.news)

    Molly White takes a look at the early web and how it changed, argues we can have it back if we want.

Cutting Room Floor

  • 7622 (rknight.me)

    Robb tells the story of how they came to their second “b” (and even changed his legal name).

  • Carl Sagan, nuking the moon, and not nuking the moon (eukaryotewritesblog.com)

    Eukaryote writes about a period of time during the world war, where both the USSR and the US considered nuking the moon.


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