This is issue #14 of Arnes Weekly.

Issue #14: -2000 Lines of Code

Welcome to this weeks issue, hope you enjoy. ✌️

Tweet of The Week

"UI design is stagnant, and every browser looks the same.
I wish Apple would try more experimental UIs!"
monkey paw curls
@zhuowei on Twitter


Software Engineering

  • Give me /events, not webhooks ( — Anthony Accomazzo prefers having an endpoint (i.e. pull) over webhooks (i.e. push) and they tell us why.
  • Emacs Evil Motion Training ( — Martin Baillie has built an emacs package that notifies you when you do lazy evil motions (e.g. jjjjjjjjkkkkl) and suggests alternatives.
  • GitHub is my copilot ( — Jonathan Corbet about the best outcome of the GitHub Copilot license debate.

Cutting Room Floor


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