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134 / Making my website faster

Hey hey, how was your week? 🖖🏻

Toot of the Week

I save a ton of money on bills by not opening my mail.— @nayele18maybe@mstdn.social



Cutting Room Floor

  • Japan's Comfort Food: The Onigiri (one-from-nippon.ghost.io)

    This article explains the origins and technological journey of onigiri.

  • What's that touchscreen in my room? (laplab.me)

    Nikita Lapkov explain how they reverse-engineered their energy monitor display.

  • manifesto.neue (blog.webb.page)

    This manifest explains why we won’t get our old internet back, and how we can instead build it ourselves.

  • How scientists proved that bees can perceive time (greenrosechemistry.com)

    It looks like bees and other insects have a higher intelligence than what assumed; bees can perceive time and act on a 24h schedule. Thanks, Eric!

  • On Quality (darrinhenein.com)

    Darrin Henein introduces four pillars to judge design quality. Thanks, Jan!


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