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131 / Cold-blooded software

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Toot of the Week

Stop making fun of older kids who still believe in Santa Claus, there are grown men who still believe in trickle down housing and that market can solve the housing crisis. — @brucelawson@vivaldi.net


  • Challenging projects every programmer should try (austinhenley.com)

    Austin Z. Henley has a list of 6 projects for programmers that want to expand their horizon.

  • You don't need analytics on your blog (blog.yossarian.net)

    William Woodruff argues that server-side analytics are sufficient and having analytics at all can negatively influence your motivation.

  • Is software getting worse? (stackoverflow.blog)

    Isaac Lyman writes about what incentives programmers have to make a fast, reliable app with a small bundle size and without exploiting people.

  • Costs of running a macOS app studio business (notes.alinpanaitiu.com)

    Alin Panaitiu lets you see behind the curtain of building macOS apps, including a revenue/cost listing.

  • Cold-blooded software (dubroy.com)

    Patrick Dubroy explains “cold-blooded software”; projects that still work when you pick them up after a year or two.

  • CSS is fun again (pdx.su)

    Jeff Sandberg lists CSS features since CSS2 which made CSS usable without the need for preprocessors or hacks.

Cutting Room Floor


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