125 / Signals vs. Servers

Hey hey, how was your week? ✌🏻

Toot of the Week

Don't forget tonight, weather permitting, the Moon will be visible from Earth. The last time this happened was last night. — @dgar@aus.social

Articles I've written


  • Some notes on nix flakes (jvns.ca)

    Julia Evans shares their experience with Nix flakes.

  • Rust without crates.io (thomask.sdf.org)

    Thomas Karpiniec explores using Debian packages instead of crates.io for Rust.

  • Signals vs. Servers (blog.adamchalmers.com)

    Adam Chalmers about the problems of reloading a program with SIGHUP and the benefits of using HTTP instead.

  • Push Ifs Up And Fors Down (matklad.github.io)

    Alex Kladov shares two programming rule of thumbs for better readability and better performance.

Cutting Room Floor


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