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124 / Things I Learned the Hard Way

Hey hey, how was your week? 🤗

Toot of the Week

who called it "legend of zelda speedrunning" and not "link-time optimization" — @mimir@meow.social


  • You don't need to work on hard problems (benkuhn.net)

    Ben Kuhn explains how people come out of college with knowledge to solve hard problems, even though the same problem-solving skills could be applied in a better way.

  • Things I Learned the Hard Way (speakerdeck.com)

    Bryan Cantrill held a talk to the engineering team at Rokt about things they learned the hard way when building software, these are the slides.

  • Cursorless is alien magic from the future (xeiaso.net)

    Xe Iaso about a VS Code plugin which allows you to program efficiently using your voice.

  • Nix: my workflow (bmcgee.ie)

    Brian McGee shares their Nix (flake) workflow.

  • Go Modules and Domain Expiry (utcc.utoronto.ca)

    Chris Siebenmann about the domain expiry problem with Go packages and possible alternatives.

Cutting Room Floor


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