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graphics cards against humanity — @computerfact on Twitter


Software Engineering

  • Cool URIs don’t change ( — “URIs don’t change: people change them.” The author explains why you shouldn’t change your URLs and that there is little excuse to do so. (If that link still 503s, you can read it on the Wayback Machine.)
  • Modern Unix ( — A collection of modern command-line tools, by Ibraheem Ahmed.
  • Ask HN: Tools you have made for yourself? ( — Super interesting to see what kind of tools are made just for to scratch a personal itch.
  • The levels of Emacs proficiency ( — Vivek Haldar about the 6 levels of Emacs. I’m somewhere around level 3.
  • Emacs Love Tale ( — Guilherme Guerra tells a beautiful story creating an editor that their use, based on Emacs.
  • The story of my worst bug ( — Patrick McKenzie tells the story of their worst bug, resulting in spamming every client (including automatically calling them).

Cutting Room Floor


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