My Home Screen in November ’23

Every month, I’m sharing my current home screen. This is the one for November 2023.

Notable changes since my last post in October:

  • Black background is back!
  • I’m now using the new iOS 17 Overcast widget.
  • Obsidian has made it back to the home screen.
  • I’m evaluating OmniFocus 4 again after switching to Things because of speed issues1.
An iPhone Home Screen with a black background. At the top are two small widgets: CARROT weather and Overcast. Below that are three rows of apps: CouchTimes, WhatsApp, Signal, Obsidian, Gentler Streak, BeReal, Music, Photos, Ivory, HEY, Calendar and Camera. The dock has three apps: Safari, Messages & OmniFocus 4

All in all I’m still very happy with the layout. Two small widgets, three rows of apps and a three apps in the dock works really well for me.

  1. It’s a beta, so this is expected—I’m sure they’ll be ironed out in the coming weeks.