We Need to Bring Back Webrings

The year is 1996. You feed your Tamagotchi, get a Squeezit and turn on the home computer. You’ve told your family they can’t do phone calls for the next hour. The dial-up modem makes beeping sounds1. You’re online.

Yesterday you found this fly website about amateur radio, and you want to explore more—but how can you find related websites? Yahoo is slow and not really showing you what you’re looking for. Then you notice that this website is part of the “Amateur Radio Webring”. You click the arrow to the right and dive into another website about amateur radio.

You wake up.

The year is 2023. You can no longer get a Squeezit anywhere, you live under surveillance capitalism and the enshittification is ruining the web. You found this goofy personal website, and you’d like to browse similar ones. What do you do? Find the person on socials, look at who they’re following and check if they have a website?

It’s time to bring webrings back.

Introducing the Fire Chicken Webring; an invite-only webring for personal websites. You can explore this webring by going to the footer of this website and clicking on either arrow to navigate to another personal website.

If we’re friends, or I follow you anywhere, @ me and I’ll add you. If not, here’s some other modern webrings2: Hotline Webring, Sidebar.io Webring, a11y-webring.club, CS.Sjoy.lol, Fediring.net, and Appliance Ring.

Own a niche website? Why not start your own webring?

  1. For full immersion, see this video.

  2. Know of more? Please reach out to me.